Aqua Marina Laxo 320: The Ultimate 2-Person Inflatable Kayak for Recreational Adventures

Aqua Marina Laxo 320: The Ultimate 2-Person Inflatable Kayak for Recreational Adventures

Aqua Marina Laxo 320 is the next watercraft you should consider purchasing if you are a recreational kayaker who wants to enjoy a high-performing and reliable 2-person inflatable kayak. This recreational kayak is a masterpiece providing mind-blowing on-water experience to novice and advanced kayakers. 

Stability and Tracking for Confident Paddling

Stabilization and tracking are the best words that describe Laxo 320 when it comes to balance, and they include broad width, flat floor, firmness, and level floor. This means you can paddle smoothly, safely, and confidently on a lake or a Class I rapid river. This kayak will be stable while on wild waters or windy conditions hence a smooth journey on water at all times. In addition to firmness, advanced fin Technology ensures a level path. We are referring to two central fins that include a dynamic feature that guarantees a straight path, so you won’t need to be concerned about altering your route while paddling on the water. 

Aqua Marina Laxo 320: 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Technology for Durability and Eco-Friendliness

Aqua Marina has incorporated cutting-edge technology to ensure that the Laxo 320 kayak is exceptional in terms of durability. AQUASHELL™ Technology is a groundbreaking exterior fabric object featuring excellent strength and UV protection. The extensive and impeccable fabric, as well as the anti-UV and water protection, are laudable achievements. 

Aqua Marina Laxo 320: 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Aqua Marina has taken an environmentally friendly step with their ECO-PRINT™ Technology, a digital printing technique that produces beautiful, vivid graphics on its models while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. This approach helps the aquatic company to make products that cater to naturophilia. 

Comfort and Convenience for an Elevated Paddle Experience

Comfort and convenience are what define your experience in Laxo 320, and it all starts in the deck. This watercraft offers a well-proportioned deck that allows for adequate equipment storage, yielding maximum unadulterated fun. The premium high-backrest seat offers an EVA cushion and storage pouches, which, together with the adjustable back and straps, give you excellent comfort throughout your trip, whether it is short or long. Transportation is made possible through front, rear, and center rubber carry handles, and Laxo 320 has a one-way Boston valve for a quick setup, and lifting time to embrace fun and reduce stress.

Aqua Marina Laxo 320: 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Choosing the Right Laxo Kayak for Your Needs

To help you select the ideal Laxo kayak for your adventures, here's a comparison.

The Laxo series offers three distinct models – the 9'4" (LA-285), 10'6" (LA-320), and 12'6" (LA-380. The variation depends on the weight capacity you prefer and the number of passengers you want to accommodate. 


LAXO 9'4"

LAXO 10'6"

LAXO 12'6"






25.4 lbs / 11.5 kg

26.5 lbs / 12.0 kg

38.6 lbs / 17.5 kg


9'4" / 285 cm

10'6" / 320 cm

12'6" / 380 cm


35" / 90 cm

35" / 90 cm

35" / 90 cm






242 lbs / 110 kg

396 lbs / 180 kg

462 lbs / 210 kg


2 + 1

2 + 1

2 + 1





The Laxo 320, priced at an affordable USD 479, and its siblings in the series, including this 2-person inflatable kayak model, are undoubtedly worthy investments for any water enthusiast seeking an exceptional kayaking experience. Note that all models come with multiple essential accessories to enhance your paddling pleasure, including a carry bag, an 11’’ Foot pump, a PVC seat, a kayak paddle, and a kayak fin.

Aqua Marina Laxo 320: 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a peaceful ride on serene waters or an unforgettable journey down gentle rivers, the Laxo Recreational Kayak series from Aqua Marina combines an element of stability, tracking, comfort, and durability. With innovations, ease of use, and sustainability at their core, paddling with Aqua Marina is guaranteed to change forever. Discover a brand new view of the world’s beauty and make lifelong memories on the water. Become a trailblazer and take advantage of our 15% discount offer on the Laxo 320 when you purchase it through our website, Without a doubt, the Laxo 320 and its sister kayaks are well-deserved purchases for water adventurers looking for something special. Share your review if you have one in your car trunk!
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