Eco Friendly Kayaking - Protecting Mother Nature

Eco-Friendly Kayaking: Paddle Your Way to a Greener Tomorrow

Hey fellow paddlers! As kayakers, we're blessed to explore gorgeous waterways. But with that comes responsibility to leave the smallest footprint possible. This blog shares my tips for eco-friendly kayaking so we can keep our oceans and rivers pristine. Let's start paddling sustainably!

Why I Go Green?

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always the most environmentally-conscious kayaker. I figured my solo adventures in remote areas didn’t make much impact. Boy was I wrong! Even small groups can disrupt habitats if we're not careful. And little things like flipping excess sand into the water with our paddles can gradually degrade things over time.

The turning point came a few years back during a trip to a new secluded lagoon. The place was teeming with wildlife and lush plants along the banks. It made my heart ache to imagine anything ever happening to destroy such beauty. On the paddle back, I promised myself I’d be part of the solution—not the problem.

Since then, I’ve explored all kinds of ways to make my adventures more eco-friendly. And along the way, I’ve met the coolest community of likeminded outdoor lovers! Turns out, we humans have a natural instinct to protect the places that bring us so much joy and serenity. So whether you’re new to green kayaking or you’ve been at it for years, I hope this tips helps you amp up your earth-friendly game even more.Happy paddling with family ecofriendly

Let’s start with the basics: your kayak and paddling gear. There are lots of small things we can do here to lower our environmental impact:

  • Pick plant-based clothing over synthetic fabrics that shed microplastics.
  • Choose a kayak made of recyclable materials like carbon-neutral Thermoplastic and other.
  • Use wooden paddles instead of aluminum or use fiberglass and carbon fibre paddles. They’re more durable and sustainable and recyclable.
  • If fishing is part of your kayaking adventure, practice catch and release to maintain local fish populations.
  • Pack food and drinks in reusable containers, not disposable plastic or cans.
  • Bring biodegradable sunscreen to avoid harming aquatic life. Look for brands that are labeled as "reef-safe."
  • Stash a spare bag for collecting any trash you find.

The list goes on, but you get the idea! With some forethought, we can gear up in ways that don’t trash the planet.Protect Wildlife

Respecting Wildlife

Enjoy wildlife from a responsible distance. Avoid:

  • Getting too close to nesting birds and fragile ecosystems
  • Paddling over marshlands and mangroves
  • Feeding, chasing, or crowding animals

Let's admire wildlife without disrupting their natural behaviors.

Keeping Our Waters Pristine

Alright, time for the biggest no-no of them all: trashing our waterways. There’s zero excuse for tossing anything overboard, no matter how small. What goes in our boats stays there until we hit land again. Make sure to secure belongings so nothing blows away. Use waterproof bags or lash things tightly to your kayak. 

And while shoreline and underwater trash aren’t necessarily our fault, it never hurts to collect some during outings. I keep mesh bags handy for snagging bits of plastic and debris. Doing regular mini-cleanups keeps me feeling invested in the health of our water.

Protect Seashore , avoid plastics

Spreading the Word

Share your eco tips with fellow adventurers at the launch site. Demonstrate clean boating habits on group trips. Promote sustainability efforts on your social media. The positive impacts add up, one paddler at a time.

Well, there’s my complete guide to green kayaking! As you can see, with some simple planning, we can easily minimize our footprint while maximizing the fun. I hope these tips get your mental gears turning about how to make your favorite hobby more sustainable. And hey, if we all chip in to take care of the planet, our waters will take care of us too.

Vow To protect water

Let me know your top eco-friendly kayaking practices in the comments. I’m always keen to learn new ways to do better. Maybe you’ll inspire someone else’s new green habit. Now get out there and start paddling sustainably! Just remember to snap some pics along the way to make me super jealous. Oh, and don’t forget the reusable water bottle!

Happy green paddling, friends. Let's work together to keep our shared natural spaces pristine. What's one eco-friendly practice you'll commit to on your next kayaking adventure? 

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