Kayaking in Marina del Rey, California

Kayaking in Marina del Rey: A Hidden Gem for Water Enthusiasts

Just a short drive from the bustling city of Los Angeles lies the tranquil waters of Marina del Rey, an often overlooked gem for kayakers and water enthusiasts. Despite its proximity to one of California's most iconic beach towns, this marina offers a peaceful escape into nature, with opportunities for paddlers of all experience levels to enjoy.

For those interested in exploring this overlooked gem, here's how to get to Marina del Rey: Marina del Rey is located at 90292 off the 90 freeway, about 6 miles south of Santa Monica. One can use the available public parking in multiple lots and streets throughout the area. It includes multiple kayak rental companies and launch sites around the harbor perimeter. 

Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

Once you arrive at Marina del Rey, here's what you can expect to experience:

A historic harbor with a mix of modern and classic Californian architecture. Developed in the 1960s, Marina del Rey offers a unique blend of modern amenities and classic Californian vibes. It is the largest man-made small craft harbor in the world and provides one of the rare opportunities of paddling through a patchwork quilt of different shapes of landscapes. Los Angeles’ urban jungle heats into a high-end resort feel and virtually turns into a jungle adjacent to the Ballona Wetlands ecological reserve. During the summer, watch Marina del Rey come alive as the city lights and sunsets over the harbor. Don't miss it!

With its unique blend of modern and classic vibes, Marina del Rey offers several top launch spots for kayakers, including:

Mother’s Beach at the marina offers numerous paddling opportunities and favorable launch options. Its alternative names include Mother’s Beach and is also known as “A Room with a View” because of its view of the marina. Also, the Palawan Way open public arm is another location to launch ships, while there is no fee to enter from the Palawan ramp. For rentals, Pro SUP Shop and Marina del Rey Boat Rentals are close to launch locations and offer extensive car parking, bathrooms, and picturesque LA skyline views. 

Once you launch from these spots, some of the paddling experiences include:

Traditional excursions are paddling the main channel with its famous yachts from Mother’s Beach, or practicing the inner residential basins and hidden coves from Fisherman’s Village. Experienced paddlers with the proper equipment can also visit the south to the breakwater for a challenging open ocean experience. It is feasible to circumnavigate the entire harbor around the edge, two hours of tandem time rewards active houseboats and fabulous ships which can often see sea lions. 

Beyond the Main Channels is an amazing opportunity for those who are prepared for an extended journey to leave the primary harbor entrance by the ocean. Calm days give paddlers the ability to explore the shore’s edge while reaching sightlines from the most distant Venice Beach across the gateway canals and piers. However, conditions must be observed as options may easily sweep into the ocean’s interior. For the majority of recreational kayakers, it’s preferable just to remain with the main channel pass. Birdwatching enthusiasts can expect to see pelicans, herons, and various shorebirds throughout the year.

Birdwatching - pelicans, herons...

When visiting Marina del Rey, with its gentle climate that lasts all year, is appropriate for kayaking for almost all months. Spring and fall are less busy, while summer sees a peak of tourists seeking to escape the sun and remain in the water. The best time to kayak without the crowd is on weekday mornings.

Average Costs:

Kayak Rental and Overnight Stay Renting a kayak at Marina del Rey may cost anywhere from $30 to $78 depending on the type of kayak and hours rented.

  • For a single-person kayak, it might range from 1 hour at $30 to 4 hours at $78.
  • For a two-person kayak, it ranges from $30 to 1 hour and $78 to four hours.

Costs may vary, but many places provide a certain percentage off for specific groups, such as active military members, who could achieve a 10% discount. Interest parties may consult the rental business for the most up-to-date pricing and discounts. Turn your paddling experience into a multi-day trip by staying overnight in Marina del Rey. Numerous choices cost between $300 and $600 every night ranging from elegance to luxury guaranteed, something unique to this destination for combining outdoor enjoyment with luxury.

Are you eager to paddle? Marina del Rey is a kayaking hotspot in the Los Angeles area with its prime location, great views, and paddling options in both protected harbors and the wide ocean. Even first-timers and expert paddlers alike will have a wonderful time creating lasting memories across these urban waters. The only drawback is that you may not want to go home! If you're looking for a stable and lightweight inflatable kayak to use in Marina del Rey or elsewhere, check out the Aqua Marina Aircat Inflatable Catamaran - 11 ft Lightweight & Stable. And if you're searching for a full list of kayak launch sites and the best paddle events happening in Florida, just take a look at our website. I can offer more advice to help my guests make the most of their time on the water!

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