Paddling Challenge

If you've landed on this page, your curiosity about the Trails And Lakes Paddling Challenge has led you to the right spot. Welcome! Trails And Lakes Paddling orchestrates six invigorating challenges annually, featuring the January Paddling Challenge, March Madness Paddling Challenge, May Mayhem Paddling Challenge, July Paddling Challenge, September Paddling Challenge, November Paddling Challenge, and December Paddling Challenge.

The challenge is straightforward: paddle or kayak anywhere in Florida four times during the challenge month. Share your paddling experiences, maps, or trails on our Facebook group.

May Mayhem Challenge : Sign Up Below

The most recent challenge is conveniently linked on our home page under the image and heading for "Paddling Challenges." You must do this every time you participate. Complete five paddles or kayak trips, and you'll earn a lively digital badge for bragging rights and a chance to win an incredible prize from our sponsor that month!

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about the challenge:

Where and when do I have to paddle? As long as you're paddling or kayaking within Florida, it counts! It can be at any point that suits your schedule. Most importantly, you're getting outdoors and enjoying it.

What constitutes a paddle or kayaking? You can paddle or kayak anywhere! While paddling on lakes, rivers, or the ocean is fantastic, this could also be a great route you already know. As long as you're getting outdoors, it all counts. The paddle can be as long or short as you'd like, and we're happy to accommodate all skill levels and abilities.

How will you track the paddles? When you officially sign up for the challenge, you'll receive an exclusive email with more details. It's simple: keep track of your list of paddles or kayak on your own. We operate on the honor system, so it's up to you to complete your five paddles!

Where should I paddle? Feel free to draw inspiration from any of the posts on the Florida Paddling website! I'll also send out weekly suggestions for inspiration straight to your inbox.

How much does it cost? Joining our paddling challenges is 100% FREE! These challenges are always meant to be fun and free to join, inspiring you to get outdoors more. You can share your paddles on social media or within the Facebook group and follow our hashtags to see more paddles (more on that below!). Check out our official Facebook page for more details.

Running these paddling challenges involves considerable effort, so if you'd like to support me, please consider shopping from my store.

What are the prizes? First, everyone who completes the five paddles will receive a digital badge in their inbox. Proudly display it on your social media or keep it for yourself! With paddling challenges quarterly (Jan, March, May, July, Sep, Nov), you'll have the chance to collect different badges.

Upon completing your five paddles, you'll be entered into a giveaway. The prizes vary each month and will be listed in the official email you receive upon signing up.

How do I sign up? The challenge is free to join and incredibly enjoyable. I announce sign-ups a few days before the month of the challenge, and the signup link will be listed on our homepage. Subscribers to our free weekly Trails And Lakes Newsletter get the signup link first, so sign up there to stay in the loop! I also announce it in the Facebook group.

How should I share my paddles? Feel free to share photos from your paddles on the Florida Paddling Facebook group and your social media. We'd love to see your paddles! Please use the hashtags:

#TrailsAndLakesPaddling #TnLPaddlingChallenge And the month's hashtag: #JanuaryPaddlingChallenge, #MarchPaddlingChallenge, #MayPaddlingChallenge, #JulyPaddlingChallenge, #SeptemberPaddlingChallenge or #NovemberPaddlingChallenge


Trails And Lakes Paddling Challenge

By participating in the Trails And Lakes Paddling Challenge, all participants hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Liability Release: Trails And Lakes and its affiliates, employees, and sponsors are not liable for any injuries, accidents, losses, or damages that may occur during or as a result of participating in the Trails And Lakes Paddling Challenge. Participants undertake this challenge at their own risk, and Trails And Lakes assumes no responsibility for any such incidents.

  2. Compliance with Laws: Participants are required to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations set forth by the United States government and the state of Florida during their involvement in the Trails And Lakes Paddling Challenge. Any violation of these laws may result in disqualification from the challenge.

  3. Sweepstakes Rules: Participants acknowledge and agree to abide by the official sweepstakes rules governing the Trails And Lakes Paddling Challenge. These rules, compliant with US and Florida government regulations, outline the terms, eligibility criteria, and prize distribution methods.

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